Dürr develops EcoBell3 – A new generation of atomizers for greater efficiency

EcoBell3: external charging and reduced complexity for inexpensive paint application.

With Dürr’s new EcoBell3 it is now possible, for the first time, to paint all body areas – exterior shell, interior and bumpers - utilizing simpler and cheaper external charging. This results from its extremely compact design that lends maximum mobility to the EcoBell3. In future it will be possible to dispense with direct charging systems with electrical potential separation that are both expensive and technically complex.

EcoBell3 is especially suitable for the painting of body interiors, bumpers and combined interior and exterior zones. This is achieved through incorporation of a very compact electrode ring. The atomizer thus represents an ideal synthesis of high performance and process flexibility on the one hand and the least possible complexity on the other. One of the first orders to include utilization of the newly developed atomizer was placed by a sports car manufacturer and here interior and exterior painting will be combined in a single zone. The capacity of the plant makes this possible. As a result both plant length and the number of robots have been reduced significantly, which means lower investment and operating costs. In cases, where interior and exterior painting tasks are carried out in different zones, utilization of EcoBell3 allows these to be distributed so that optimum work loads are allocated to all robots. In addition to its new linear color changer, EcoLCC, and a compact dosing pump, the robot is equipped with a very slender arm and is fully capable of handling interior painting.

Another major area of utilization for EcoBell3 is the painting of bumpers and plastic parts. As far as the technicalities of application are concerned, bumpers involve characteristic aspects of both exterior and interior painting. Painting of large surface areas must be covered as must the detail areas with partially complex geometries that can only be viably produced as plastic parts. Other difficult aspects of bumper painting are the positioning of the parts close together on product carriers as well as tight cycle times and intervals. A compact, high performance atomizer is therefore needed, one that also offers highly flexible spray jet shaping and the ability to paint continuously, i.e. without interruption. Dürr’s EcoBell3 is tailor-made to meet all of these demands.

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