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...that a large paint shop equipped with Dürr's state-of-the-art technology saves more energy and CO2 emissions per year, compared to an average system currently installed, than the entire Dürr Group consumes or generates worldwide during the same period? The same applies to the amount of water required.

2015 Southfield Business Award for Sustainability goes to Dürr
Dürr became a constituent of ECPI® INDICES

ECPI is a leading Rating and Index company dedicated to ESG Research (Environmental, Social and Governance) since 1997. ECPI is an independent provider of investment tools and solutions to integrate extra-financial information into the investment process.


Günter Dielmann

Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Tel  +49 7142 78-1785

Günter Dielmann

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Stefan Tobias Burkhardt

Officer Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Tel  +49 7142 78-3558

Stefan Tobias Burkhardt

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Operating sustainably and successfully

Dürr is committed to the principles of sustainable business. We exercise fairness and respect in dealing with co-workers, suppliers and business partners, support the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources, and actively embrace our organization’s social responsibility. Our employees pledge to comply with the law and to adhere strictly to ethical standards.

Sustainability report

This sustainability report provides an insight into what sustainability means for Dürr. We welcome your ideas on the topic of sustainability at Dürr.

Download: Sustainability Report 2016/2017

Download: Sustainability Report 2015/2016

Download: Sustainability Report 2014/2015

Download: Sustainability Report 2013/2014

Download: Sustainability Report 2012/2013

Sustainability factsheet

Here you will find facts and figures on sustainability at Dürr.

Download: Sustainability Factsheet 2016

Download: Sustainability Factsheet 2015

Dürr Code of Conduct

It is part of our corporate culture at Dürr to act ethically in our day-to-day business life and to comply with prevailing laws. Rules of conduct have been defined in individual Group procedures and manuals for years. We have now concentrated these corporate principles and grouped them by theme in the Dürr Code of Conduct.

Download: Code of Conduct

In addition here you can view the rules of behaviour applicable to our suppliers, as contained in the Code of Conduct of the Dürr Group.

Download: Code of Conduct for suppliers

Reporting compliance violations / Helpdesk

To do justice to the trust and confidence placed in Dürr by customers, suppliers, associates, shareholders and employees as well as other stakeholders of the company, absolutely top priority is assigned to the integrity and transparency of our business workflows. To this end, we need to be notified of any compliance violations, particularly in cases of violations of applicable norms under criminal law as well as our Code of Conduct Guidelines.

If you wish, you may also submit any information you may have anonymously. In response to your request, our Compliance Officer will follow up your report anonymously; your data will not be used.

Please contact:
Fabian Mock
Phone +49 7142 78-3328
Email compliance.officer(at)



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