• LOXEO is the digital marketplace for all Dürr and Schenck customers from the automotive industry and its suppliers, mechanical and plant engineering, and general industry.
  • Based on the digital ADAMOS platform, from 2018 onward, a wide range of digital services will be offered via LOXEO, which will improve the system availability and productivity as well as offer significant added value to the end customer.
  • LOXEO will enable customers not only to analyze individual machine components but also to monitor entire systems. Existing applications such as scheduled and predictive maintenance, hotline services, training and eLearning can also be linked through LOXEO.
  • The type of access LOXEO customers will be given to the services offered via the portal will be defined based on their individual requirements and their system environment.
  • LOXEO provides connectivity solutions for machines within the installed base as well as intelligent concepts for new machines, which can be implemented within just a few minutes.
  • Data security: LOXEO ensures that process flows, i.e. system and machine data, remain in the interface between Dürr/Schenck and their customers and will not be shared with external providers. Data ownership remains with the customer.
  • LOXEO offers a transparent and simple pricing model based on usage.


Do you have any questions about LOXEO? Please get in touch, we would be delighted to talk to you.

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