ADAMOS: Mechanical engineering shapes digitization



  • ADAMOS (Adaptive Manufacturing Open Solutions) is the first Industrial Internet-of-Things platform adapted to the requirements of mechanical and plant engineering firms.
  • The founding partners of ADAMOS GmbH are DMG Mori, Dürr, Software AG and Zeiss as well as ASM based in Hongkong. Their combined installed base contains several hundreds of thousands of machines and systems.
  • ADAMOS pools the expertise of leading mechanical engineering firms and the second largest German software company.
  • ADAMOS offers a high-performance IIoT platform and highly scalable IIoT services.
  • Use of leading-edge technology and standard interfaces.
  • ADAMOS GmbH will have no direct access to end customers.
  • ADAMOS can be operated on edge/on premise or in the cloud.
  • It offers connectivity solutions for machines within the installed base as well as smart concepts for new machines. All of these can be used for the digital marketplaces LOXEO (Dürr and Schenck) and tapio (HOMAG).
  • The range of services offered by ADAMOS can be used by other mechanical and plant engineering firms as partners. Under its "white label" solution (e.g. for design, apps, pricing) ADAMOS provides partners with an individual IIoT presence.
  • Mechanical engineering partners can differentiate themselves through digital solutions and thus ensure continued access to their end customers. Data and IT ownership remains with each partner.
  • The professionally managed IIoT platform offers basic services. Partners can build on these to operate digital marketplaces or portals, containing additional services or applications.
  • The App Factory employs over 160 people to develop customized applications and services. This ensures a fast rate of development.
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