Innovations at Dürr



With the Eco+Paintshop Dürr offers a paint shop with optimized energy utilization, which in addition to providing better environmental compatibility also reduces unit costs and thus creates more competitive edge.


The unique modular anode control EcoDC MACS creates a voltage profile that moves with the car body. The result: Optimum productivity, energy efficiency and a premium coating quality.

EcoSmart VEC

To save energy in the oven, Dürr developed a new, intelligent air management which is called EcoSmart VEC. This patent pending tool controls the fresh and exhaust air volume in function of the number of car bodies in the oven. This means that you supply exactly the amount of energy required by the oven.

Ecopaint Gluing

As a supplier of turnkey installations for automated gluing in the final assembly, Dürr has comprehensive process knowledge and offers high-quality products that use the savings potentials already in the production and in addition lower the fuel consumption.

EcoCWave – Aqueous Cleaning

The newly developed EcoCWave machines are all-round talents in aqueous part cleaning. Thanks to their versatility in application, user-specific configuration options and minimized floorspace needs, they deliver reduced per-unit costs and stable process quality and will be of valuable help in boosting your competitiveness and value-adding performance.

Clean Technology Systems

The Division Clean Technology Systems is focused on processes to improve energy- and emission destruction efficiency. With technologies such as micro gas turbines, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and heat pumps, Dürr uses excess process heat, waste heat as well as conventional and alternative sources of combustion to convert or transform energy.

EcoCCore – Solvent Cleaning

With the EcoCCore Dürr Ecoclean has designed a solvent cleaning machine which is perfectly tailored to satisfy the rising demands of applicants in industrial parts cleaning. The EcoCCore combines all the benefits of a solvent-based cleaning system with a high ease of application. A newly developed PLC control panel guarantees a straightforward and safe operation.

Ecopaint Robot

Ecopaint painting robots are used in robotic painting stations for automatic surface coating of bodies and add-on parts in ESTA, AIR and powder applications. All paint materials such as solvent-based paints, water-borne paints and powder paints can be used.

Balancing and Diagnostic Systems

Balancing stands for innovative products marketed under the Schenck brand, which significantly improve the quality of rotating and oscillating components.

EcoCFlex 3 – Automotive Cleaning

The latest generation of the EcoCFlex is the result of 10 years of experience in the construction of more than 450 robotic cells. Integrated in the system is the newly developed Dürr SCARA manipulator, specifically designed to meet the requirements in cleaning equipment. The EcoCFlex 3 offers outstanding cleaning quality, maximum flexibility and profitability.