Mission Possible


Mission Possible

Even for the experienced Dürr experts, this project was a triumph among upgrades. Some 1,200 skilled staff were involved in upgrading a 17-year-old paint shop at automaker Shanghai General Motors (SGM). They dismantled almost the entire old plant and replaced it with modern technology because SGM wanted not only to manufacture more efficiently, but also to convert to environment-friendly water- based paints. The upgrade order worth in excess of € 30 million is Dürr’s largest and most spectacular to date in China, where the demand for such upgrades will only increase. The work had to be completed within a maximum of seven weeks – the Dürr team from China, Germany and Korea managed it in six. Successful mission report.

Text: Heimo Fischer
Photos: Glyn Davies, Hagen Rebmann, Mick Ryan

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