Ralf W. Dieter, CEO Dürr AG:

"HOMAG is a great addition to our portfolio: the company is a global market and technology leader and has further growth and earnings potential. Dürr knows the mechanical engineering business very well. This is reflected in our success in areas like balancing, testing and filling technology. We will use our expertise and support HOMAG in optimizing its processes and structures. The automotive industry remains our core sector – but the HOMAG acquisition will enable us to position ourselves more broadly."


Overview: Acquisition HOMAG Group AG

  • In October 2014, Dürr acquired a 55.9 % stake in the HOMAG Group AG for € 228 million. The takeover was funded from cash reserves.
  • In April 2018, Dürr increased its stake in HOMAG by 8 % to 63.9 %. Dürr purchased the additional shares from the Schuler-Klessmann shareholder group for € 34.8 million. Dürr acquired the majority of the 8 % equity stake by exercising a call option for 7.05 % of the HOMAG Group's share capital.
  • Dürr joined the Schuler/Klessmann share pool with 11 % of HOMAG shares. The pool controls 25.1% of the shares. As a result, Dürr secures 77.9 % of the voting rights of HOMAG Group AG, directly and indirectly, for the most important resolutions.
  • HOMAG fulfills Dürr’s acquisition criteria: world-market leader in mechanical engineering, potential for operational improvement, additional mainstay besides the automotive business.
  • A domination and profit and loss transfer agreement was concluded at the 2015 extraordinary annual general meeting and was entered in the Commercial Register in mid-March 2015.
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