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Ad-hoc Announcements and Press Releases 2006

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12/15/2006 Dürr expands Asian business further

    Large contracts from China and India Incoming orders from Asia expected to rise by approx. 70% in 2006Read more

11/14/2006 Dürr 9-month results: Turnaround proceeding as planned

    Incoming orders above last year; project pipeline well filled Earnings after taxes positive Q4 outlook: Strong growth in sales and earnings Group-wide FOCUS program to be channeled into continuous...Read more

08/10/2006 Strong increase of operating earnings in the first half of 2006

  • Incoming orders significantly above last year; continuing good project situation
  • Gross margin further increased
  • Earnings after taxes in the second quarter strongly...Read more

05/24/2006 Dürr shareholders adopt the proposals at the 17th Annual General Meeting by a large majority

Stuttgart, May 24, 2006 - The roughly 350 shareholders present elected Dr. Alexandra Dürr and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka as new members of the Supervisory Board.Read more

05/11/2006 Results (IFRS) January 1 to March 31, 2006 - Dürr gets off to a good start in 2006

  • Incoming orders well up compared to the first quarter of 2005
  • Earnings improved versus a year earlier - but still burdened by FOCUS implementation
  • Progress of...Read more

04/25/2006 Dürr receives "Award of Excellence" from Volvo

Dürr was presented with this prestigious "Award of Excellence" in recognition of the company´s excellent performance in 2005 and of the significance of the contribution made by...Read more

03/31/2006 Election of two new Supervisory Board members to be proposed at the Dürr annual meeting on May 24, 2006

Stuttgart, March 31, 2006 – As a matter of regular rotation, Dr. Tessen von Heydebreck and Professor Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Menno Harms will give up their seats on Dürr AG´s...Read more

03/30/2006 Dürr in the black in 2005 despite restructuring and lower sales

  • Group realignment and financial restructuring completed
  • Outflow of funds from operations stopped in fourth quarter
  • Group-wide FOCUS program on schedule
  • Rising...Read more

03/21/2006 Dürr wins several awards in Asia

Dürr"s power to innovate and ability to perform are also held in high esteem by Asia"s expanding automotive industry. In January, Dürr received three coveted supplier awards from...Read more

03/02/2006 (Ad-hoc) Dürr with profit in 2005 - Dürr completes financial restructuring on its own

Dürr finished realigning group activities to focus on core business with the automotive industry at the end of 2005. Its range of products and services comprises painting and final assembly...Read more

01/02/2006 Dürr receives proceeds of 205 € m from the sale of its business unit Measuring and Process Technologies

Dürr AG, Stuttgart, and HgCapital, a private equity company, have closed the contract selling Dürr"s Measuring and Process Technologies business unit (MPT) to HgCapital effective...Read more

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