Short biography

Gerhard Federer

  • Born in 1954
  • Nationality: German
  • Study: Industrial Engineering
1980 - 1982Paschal-Werk G.Maier, Steinach
Assistant to the Managing Director
1982 - 1988E. Scheurich Pharmwerk
Head of Planning and Control / Marketing Controller
1988 - 1989Heinrich Heine
Head of Business Planning
1989 - 2003Schoeller & Hoesch, Gernsbach and/or Glatfelter Company, US
1989: Head of Finance and IT
1997: Commercial Director
2001: Vice President at the headquarters of the parent company, Glatfelter Company, York PA, US
2003 - 2013

2003: Managing Director of the holding company
2007: CEO of the holding company
Various international advisory and supervisory board mandates within the Group



  • HOMAG Group AG*, Schopfloch (Chairman of the Audit Committee, part of the Dürr group)


* listed on stock exchange

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