Annual General Meeting 2017

Dürr´s annual general meeting 2017 took place on May 5, 2017.


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Speech of Ralf W. Dieter, CEO
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Explanatory report pursuant to sec. 289 (4), 315 (4) German Commercial Code (HGB)
(see pages 48-49 of the Annual Report 2016)
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Annual report 20169.0 MB
Report of the Supervisory Board
(see pages 6-12 of the Annual Report 2016)
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Annual Financial Statement of Dürr AG 2016
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Combined Management Report Group/AG
(see pages 20-96 of the Annual Report 2016)


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Richard Bauer

Business economist Richard Bauer has been nominated for election to the Dürr Supervisory Board for the first time. He has held various management positions at German mechanical and plant engineering firms, including CEO of Körber AG in Hamburg. He has been Chairman of the Körber Supervisory Board since October 2016. Richard Bauer can bring his commercial expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to the Dürr Supervisory Board.

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