Declaration of compliance

The first draft of the German Corporate Governance Code was presented in February 2002. Since then the codex has been updated annually. The control committee German Corporate Governance, is responsible for formulating and further developing the code (

The code is based on legal guidelines, above all from the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz). It contains extensive recommendations for the cooperation of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board, for transparent communication with the capital market and for protecting the interests of shareholders.

Date Document
12/13/2017Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/14/2016Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/16/2015Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/10/2014Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/11/2013Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/12/2012Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/16/2011Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/15/2010Declaration of compliance0.5 MB
12/16/2009Declaration of compliance0.3 MB
12/15/2008Declaration of compliance1.0 MB
12/12/2007Declaration of compliance0.2 MB
05/18/2007Declaration of compliance0.1 MB
12/20/2006Declaration of compliance0.4 MB
12/19/2005 Declaration of compliance 0.1 MB
12/17/2004 Declaration of compliance 0.7 MB
12/12/2003 Declaration of compliance 0.1 MB
12/20/2002 Declaration of compliance 0.2 MB
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