Frequently asked questions

How many Dürr shares are there?

There are 69,202,080 bearer unit shares.

What is the par value of one share?

We only have unit shares, to which no par value is assigned. Mathematically, one Dürr AG share is equivalent to € 2.56 of the company’s capital stock.

What are bonus shares?

The issuance of bonus shares will result in the original number of shares held by each shareholder additionally being credited to their securities account, i.e. they will then hold twice the original number. The participation ratio of each shareholder will remain unchanged. » more

What does Dürr’s shareholder structure look like?

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What does Dürr’s share price performance look like?

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What is Dürr AG´s dividend payout policy?

Generally Dürr distributes about 30%-40% of net profit.

Are there physical certificates of Dürr stock?

No, there are no physical stock certificates, but only a global certificate for 34,601,040 bearer unit shares.

Is it possible to purchase historical Dürr AG shares?

Yes, historical Dürr AG shares are available as a set of four shares. If you are interested please contact Corporate Communications & Investor Relations (phone: +49 7142 78-1050 or email: corpcom(at) receive a set of historical shares, we would ask you to donate € 30 to a charity supported by Dürr. Please contact us to request a list of charities to which you can donate.

What is the company outlook for the current fiscal year?

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Which corporate strategy does Dürr pursue?

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