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Dürr Share

WKN556 520
ISIN                DE0005565204
SEDOL number 5119901
Bloomberg symbol                   due
Reuters symbol dueg
Class of shares Common bearer shares
Market segment Prime All Share, Classic All Share, CDAX, Prime Sector: Industrial, Industry Group: Industrial Machinery
Index CategoryMDAX (Performance); CDAX (Performance); Prime All Share (Performance); Classic All Share (Performance), FAZ-Index, Stoxx 600
Number of shares 34,601,040

1995: Change of nominal value from DM 50 to DM 5 per share
1999: The number of shares have not changed due to the introduction of €
2000: Capital increase of 10% to 14.3 m shares
2005: Capital increase of 10% to 15.7 m shares
2008: Capital increase of 10% to 17.3 m shares
2013: Bonus shares in a ratio of 1:1; the number of shares stays since than at: 34.601.040
Capital stock € 88.6 million
First trading day 1990/01/04
Highest variable price€ 109.80 (04/10/2015, Xetra)
Lowest variable price€ 3.57 (03/17/2009, Xetra)

Average daily
trading volume

2015: 174,000 shares
2014: 123,755 shares
2013: 153,000 shares (issue of bonus shares considered)
2012: 207,944 shares


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