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Ad-hoc Announcements and Press Releases 2007

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11/15/2007 Dürr raises forecast for incoming orders

    Incoming orders, operating earnings and cash flow much improved in the third quarter Dürr Strategy 2010: focus on faster growing and more profitable business areasRead more

09/21/2007 Focus on costs per unit: Dürr presents paint-saving innovations

    EcoBell 2 atomizer technology cuts materials consumption New family of Dürr robots for interior painting extended Product initiative in sealing technology Expanded use of 3D visualization Read more

08/09/2007 Results for the first half of 2007: Dürr increases sales and new orders

    Operating earnings and cash flow further improved Positive outlook for the full year 2007 confirmedRead more

07/17/2007 EDAG and Dürr have signed Framework Agreement with Airbus

Assembly Line for Chinese Airbus Plant Fulda, Stuttgart, July 17, 2007 – EDAG and Dürr, internationally active partners to the automotive and aviation industry, have bundled their capacities to...Read more

07/06/2007 Dürr concentrates activities in Bietigheim-Bissingen

    Location to be expanded into a highly modern building complex New customer and technology center Investments of around € 50 million planned Porsche takes over site and buildings in...Read more

06/21/2007 Moody´s upgrades outlook for Dürr rating

Stuttgart, June 21, 2007 – Moody´s has upgraded the outlook for Dürr AG´s corporate credit rating from ”negative” to “stable”. Dürr AG´s corporate credit rating continues to stand at “B2“.Read more

06/19/2007 ATON GmbH acquires 10.1% equity interest in Dürr AG

Stuttgart, June 19, 2007 - ATON GmbH, Fulda, has notified us that it holds 10.1% of the shares of Dürr AG. The investment company, founded by entrepreneur Dr. Lutz Helmig, is now Dürr’s second...Read more

05/18/2007 Dürr confirms dividend target

Stuttgart, May 18, 2007 – At today’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Dürr AG, CEO Ralf Dieter presented the annual financial statements for 2006 and the company’s targets. Read more

05/10/2007 Q1 2007: Dürr with good order cushion

    Incoming orders well up year on year Operating earnings positive and improvedRead more

04/17/2007 Dürr family increases its stake in Dürr AG

Stuttgart, April 17, 2007 – The Dürr family has increased its position as the largest shareholder of Dürr AG. Heinz Dürr GmbH and the foundation Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung, Berlin, together now...Read more

03/29/2007 Financial press conference: Dürr optimistic for 2007

    Year of transition 2006: Operating profit increased to € 39.1 million (2005: € 3.5 million) Q1 2007: Positive trend in incoming orders continues Further significant earnings improvement targeted in...Read more

03/05/2007 (Ad-hoc) Dürr: Change in the Board of Management

Stuttgart, March 5, 2007 – At its meeting today, the Presidium of the Super-visory Board of Dürr AG proposed to the Supervisory Board that Mr. Ralph Heuwing (40) be appointed as a full member of the...Read more

02/15/2007 Dürr beats earnings targets

    Incoming orders +20% Strong fourth quarter with positive cash flow 2007: Sales growth and further earnings improvement expectedRead more

01/25/2007 Dürr back in SDAX with effect from January 29, 2007

Stuttgart, January 25, 2007 – With effect from January 29, 2007, the Dürr AG share will again be part of the SDAX, the index of Deutsche Börse AG for small caps. Read more

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