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Ad-hoc Announcements and Press Releases 2008

Date Title
11/06/2008 Dürr with record order backlog

    Strong growth in sales, earnings and cash flow Net financial debt close to nil Outlook: Well equipped for the future despite market turbulenceRead more

10/20/2008 Dürr and Ford sign global Aligned Business Framework agreement

    Member of Ford´s key supplier network Development cooperation in painting systems Basis for further expanding collaborationRead more

10/15/2008 Up to 30% less energy consumption in the painting process with the EcoDryScrubber from Dürr

Stuttgart, October 15, 2008 – A new technology developed by Dürr enables energy savings of up to 30% in automobile painting, which is by far the most energy-intensive manufacturing process in the...Read more

10/13/2008 Dürr honored for promoting junior staff

Stuttgart, October 13, 2008 – For Dürr’s innovative training programs, the German Federal Employment Agency has awarded the Group its Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Developing Junior...Read more

09/19/2008 S&P also upgrades Dürr rating

Stuttgart, September 19, 2008 – Standard & Poor´s (S&P) has raised Dürr AG’s corporate credit rating from “B” to “B+”. At the same time, the rating for Dürr’s € 200 million corporate bond was...Read more

09/16/2008 Moody´s upgrades Dürr rating

Stuttgart, September 16, 2008 – Moody´s has raised Dürr AG’s corporate rating from B2 to B1 with stable outlook. The rating for Dürr’s € 200 million corporate bond has improved from Caa1 to B3. Main...Read more

09/11/2008 Dürr seals forward-looking financing package

    New syndicated loan in the amount of € 440 million Bond redemption initiated with repayment of a tranche of 50%Read more

08/07/2008 Dürr fully on track at the mid-year mark

    Strong sales and earnings growth Order backlog assures capacity utilization until mid-year 2009 Positive full-year outlook for 2008 Optimization of financial structure to continueRead more

06/19/2008 After capital increase: Moody´s and S&P with positive out-look for Dürr rating

Stuttgart, June 19, 2008 – The rating agencies Standard & Poor´s (S&P) and Moody´s have reacted positively to Dürr AG’s capital increase on June 17, 2008. In light of the proceeds of € 44 million and...Read more

06/17/2008 (Ad-hoc) Dürr successfully places capital increase equivalent to just under 10% of capital stock

    € 44.0 million placed at a price of € 28.00 Basis for financing growth Optimization of financing structure Read more

05/02/2008 Dürr shareholders approve dividend of 40 cents per share

Stuttgart, May 2, 2008 – Dürr AG plans a dividend increase for 2008. “We intend to improve our earnings further and let shareholders participate in that,” explained CEO Ralf Dieter at today’s annual...Read more

04/29/2008 Dürr continues earnings improvement in the first quarter

    EBIT more than tripled Sales revenues up 17% Incoming orders well above 2007 quarterly average Positive outlook unchangedRead more

04/28/2008 Dürr campus relies on forward-looking energy concept

    40% lower energy costs than with conventional concept 2,100 metric tons less CO2 emissions per year Utilization of regenerative energy Read more

03/20/2008 Dürr optimistic for 2008

    2007: Strong earnings improvement Dividend of 40 cents per share “Dürr 2010” strategy as basis for further profitable growth Read more

03/14/2008 Dürr receives large paint systems order in USA

Stuttgart, March 14, 2008 – The Dürr Group has received a major order from the BMW Group for its US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, worth more than € 100 million. The production capacity will...Read more

03/03/2008 S&P raises the rating outlook for Dürr to “positive”

Stuttgart, March 3, 2008 – Standard & Poor´s (S&P) has raised the rating outlook for Dürr AG from “stable” to “positive”. Dürr’s corporate credit rating has been left at “B” for the present. With the...Read more

02/25/2008 Dürr with sustained growth

    Incoming orders up 22% Strong fourth quarter takes operating cash flow well into positive territory Net profit of € 21 million (2006: € 8.2 million) allows a dividend proposal of 40 cents per share...Read more

01/31/2008 Dürr registers strong growth in India

Stuttgart, January 31, 2008 – The Dürr mechanical and plant engineering group is benefiting from the automotive industry’s strong expansion in India. In 2007, new orders from business in India rose...Read more

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