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Balancing systems for power stations: A growth market for Dürr´s subsidiary Schenck RoTec


Bietigheim-Bissingen, December 14, 2011 – Dürr’s Schenck RoTec subsidiary has received several large orders for the supply of balancing equipment for power station turbines and generators in 2011. Altogether, the orders are worth around € 35 million. The world market leader’s customers include all the major power station suppliers such as Siemens, Alstom, General Electric, Mitsubishi, and the Chinese manufacturers.

Schenck balancing systems are used in the manufacture and the regular servicing of turbo compressors and power station turbines. Given speeds of up to 50,000 revolutions per minute and turbine weights of up to 350 tonnes the bearing blocks need to withstand extreme centrifugal forces and the balancing systems have to be housed in specially protected building complexes. The complex balancing process can take several days because the measurements have to be carried out under vacuum conditions. The quality of the balancing is of great economic importance as it prolongs the service intervals of the turbines and thus significantly reduces downtimes and operating costs at the power station. Schenck RoTec not only supplies the balancing machine but also the engineering for the entire plant and the protective housing. The value of individual orders ranges between € 3 and 15 million.

Ralf Dieter, Dürr AG’s CEO, commented: “Schenck RoTec is benefiting from the growing demand for energy and power plant technology especially in the emerging markets. We have been expanding at an above-average rate in these markets for years. The quality and reliability of our high-tech systems is also highly valued by local power plant manufacturers. However, there is also growing demand in the countries of the west due to the replacement of nuclear power stations with modern gas-fired power stations.”

Dr. Ralf-Michael Fuchs, who, as head of Dürr’s Measuring and Process Systems division, has global responsibility for the balancing business, adds: “Schenck RoTec has been setting standards in balancing technology for power generating equipment for decades and is the clear world market leader. The service business is also growing dynamically as many of the systems installed in the past are ageing and require more servicing or need overhauling.“


Schenck RoTec is part of Dürr’s Measuring and Process Systems division, which is expected to achieve sales of approximately € 500 million in 2011 and has around 2,800 employees. In addition to balancing systems, Measuring and Process Systems also supplies industrial cleaning equipment as well as assembly, filling and testing stations. The division is the clear world market leader in all three areas of activity. The automotive industry is the Measuring and Process System division’s largest customer group, accounting for 65% of its sales. Other important user industries are aerospace, mechanical engineering, the electrical and electronics industry, and power station engineering.

Dürr is a mechanical and plant engineering group that holds leading positions in the world market in its areas of operation. It generates a good 80% of its sales in business with the automotive industry. It furthermore supplies the aircraft, machinery, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries with innovative production and environmental technology. Dürr has 49 business locations in 22 countries worldwide. The Group expects sales of about € 1.8 billion and incoming orders of about € 2.5 billion with approximately 6,700 employees in 2011.

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