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Dürr Challenge 2015

Create emotions...

... was this year’s theme for the international film competition, Dürr Challenge. We looked for fifteen students from various different areas of study to capture the exciting metropolis on film. The participants travelled to Madrid, Toronto and Singapore for a week in teams of 5 to shoot exciting film reportages. The films were created on long days and nights of shooting with plenty of team spirit and a lot of creativity. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all teams for their impressive results. And now: Showtime!

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Singapore (Singapore) - Winner

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Madrid (Spain)

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Toronto (Canada) 

Corporate Video

“People have always set signs: with colors and shapes, with new ideas and their determination.” Dürr sets signs through quality and innovation. We understand our customers’ products and needs and put everything in motion for perfect results.

Dürr Corporate Video

New mechanical engineering site

Dürr officially opened its new mechanical engineering site in Shanghai on Saturday, September 28, 2013. All the Measuring and Process Systems division's Chinese operations are being brought under the single umbrella of Schenck Shanghai Machinery Ltd. with an approximately 600-strong workforce in the manufacturing and office complex in the district of Baoshan.

Opening new site in Shanghai Baoshan

New production facility

Modernization of test center for painting technology

Dürr has redesigned and upgraded the world’s largest test center for painting technology in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Furthermore the new production facility for robot assembly is introduced (only in German).

Introduction new production facility / Modernization of test center for painting technology


With the “Eco+Paintshop” Dürr offers a paint shop with  optimized energy utilization, which in addition to providing better environmental compatibility also reduces unit costs and thus creates more competitive edge.


Robotic Painting

The automotive industry is constantly increasing its emphasis on fully automated robots in mass-production painting. The Dürr Ecopaint painting robot, which can be seen in the film, is the most successful product of its type worldwide with more than 3,000 installations.

Robotic Painting with EcoBell3 rotating atomizer

Ecopaint WetSystems

Ecopaint WetSystems is the brand name of our modular wet treatment systems. It stands for perfect corrosion protection for your vehicle body and for its quality and value retention. Ecopaint WetSystems successfully unites all components and modules via design integration to form a complete and reliable system.

Ecopaint WetSystems

Ecopaint RoDip

With the Ecopaint RoDip dip-painting process the body is primed at the beginning of the painting process. Specific to Ecopaint RoDip: The body rotates in the dipping basin and an optimal moisturizing is thereby applied, even in cavities.

Ecopaint RoDip 

EcoCFlex S – The highly flexible cleaning technology

The technology of the EcoCFlex cleaning machine combines proven cleaning methods with the flexibility of a 6-axis robot, fully integrated into a treatment module. This design permits fast process optimization or adjustment, involving quick, minimum-effort workpiece changes or integration of new workpiece types.


EcoCSteam – the environmentally friendly cleaning technology

Dürr Ecoclean innovates with its new EcoCSteam technology for industrial parts cleaning. Based on the high cleaning power of saturated steam vapor, the EcoCSteam technology patented by Dürr Ecoclean is able to deeply and rapidly clean surfaces of any type of material – without using any detergents.


Integrated System Solutions

Dürr Ecoclean is supplying the automobile industry and its suppliers with sophisticated cleaning and automation systems and has the expertise to fexibly integrate complex applications within a production line with full cost-transparency. An increasingly important factor, is the flexibility of the plant and the possibility to adapt a part of the whole system. The R-factor describes the ability of a plant to be retooled, retrofitted and to be reused, re-deployed.

Integrated System Solutions

Final Assembly

A finished automobile results within just a few hours from a painted body and a multitude of components in the final assembly of automobiles. Dürr supplies the technology for assembly, filling, testing and materials flow.

Final Assembly 


From miniature engines weighing just a few grams to 400-ton heavy aggregates of a steam turbine: revolving and oscillating components must be balanced in order to increase the service life and quality of the products. The film shows a 6-station machine that balances an electric armature every five seconds recorded in an electrical engine production facility.