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Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018

Dürr has presented the Heinz Dürr Innovation Award for the 17th time. Once again, patron and Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr.-Ing. E.h. Heinz Dürr has presented the innovation award for outstanding achievements by employee teams. By presenting the award, Dürr recognizes innovative employee contributions to the company's competitiveness.

Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018: automatic destacking of wood panels

Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018: EcoDocu

Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018: IntelliGuide

Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018: Ecopaint Robot

Heinz Dürr Innovation Award 2018: automatic unbalance correction

Dürr Challenge 2017

Celebrate Innovation...

…was our motto as we sent three teams of students out into the world for the fifth time. This year, the world destinations were: Tokyo, London and Silicon Valley. The task of the competition was to shoot a short movie in each of these technology strongholds. It took a great deal of courage, creativity and motivation to produce three very different movies that will make us smile, empathize and reflect.

» Dürr Challenge 2017: Silicon Valley (California USA) - Winner

» Dürr Challenge 2017: Tokio (Japan)

» Dürr Challenge 2017: London (England)

New Campus in Shanghai Qingpu

Dürr has opened its new campus for around 1,100 employees in Shanghai Qingpu. Customers benefit from extensive opportunities for product testing and training.

New Campus in Shanghai Qingpu

Investors' Day 2017 (October 18, 2017)

At the Investors' Day, Dürr presented not only its specific goals for incoming orders and turnover for 2017 but also the IIoT platform ADAMOS, giving actual application examples.

See here what happend during our Investors' Day.

ADAMOS press conference (September 5, 2017)

Video from the ADAMOS press conference held by the CEOs of the founding partners

ADAMOS press conference

ADAMOS: Mechanical engineering shapes digitization

ADMAOS is the first IoT platform especially customized to meet the specific needs of mechanical engineering companies and their customers. Jointly developed by Dürr, DMG Mori, ZEISS, ASM and Software AG, the open IoT platform is non-proprietary and brings together the most up-to-date information technology and industry knowledge.

ADAMOS movie

Automated painting solution for general industry: EcoRP 10 R1100

The painting robot system consists of a small six-axis Kuka robot equipped with Dürr paint application technology. This system is available in different configurations.

EcoRP 10 R1100

Human Robot Collaboration in Automotive Final Assembly Gluing Processes

Human and robot are working together hand in hand in final assembly without a separating safety device. The innovative HRC gluing solution from Dürr using a Kuka LBT iiwa robot increases the quality of glued seams, makes the manufacturing process faster and more cost-effective. Examples are the application of glue bead to a GPS Antenna Cover and a gas tank, but there are many other applications possible.

Human and robot are working together

Service - a challenge worth taking

Our Service leaves no stone unturned to give customers speedy and effective support. In the movie “Dürr Worldwide Services – A Challenge Worth Taking”, three Service experts explain what makes their job so special.

Dürr Worldwide Services – A Challenge Worth Taking

Dürr Challenge 2016

Create emotions...

How do we want to shape the world for generations to come? What happens if nature is against us? These and other questions were addressed by the 15 participants of the "Dürr Challenge 2016" film competition. Inspired by the motto "World of Tomorrow", we sent three teams of students along with their camera equipment to Buenos Aires, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. There, the young teams recorded images and impressions, creating three individual short films.

» Dürr Challenge 2016: Dubai (UAE) - Winner

» Dürr Challenge 2016: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

» Dürr Challenge 2016: Buenos Aires (Argentina) 

Industry 4.0 at Dürr

Dürr presents its digital strategy, which is based on four pillars: smart products, smart services, smart factories and smart processes. Digital transformation has well and truly taken root at Dürr, accelerated by digital@Dürr.

digital@DÜRR: Industry 4.0 at Dürr

Smart Mover

The new EcoRP E043i robot is a world first for fully automated automotive painting. While conventional painting robots works with six motion axes, the new model has a seventh axis. This makes the Dürr robot an unrivaled mover and opens up new options and cost-cutting potentials. The third generation of Dürr robots, unveiled on October 24, is controlled using the new EcoRCMP 2 smart robot controller.

The new EcoRP E043i robot

New site in the USA

Dürr has opened a campus site with a modern validation, test and training center in Southfield/Michigan. The office and technology complex combines activities which the mechanical and plant engineering firm had previously carried out at three different locations in the Detroit area.

About Dürr in USA and the new campus

Dürr Challenge 2015

Create emotions...

... was this year’s theme for the international film competition, Dürr Challenge. We looked for fifteen students from various different areas of study to capture the exciting metropolis on film. The participants travelled to Madrid, Toronto and Singapore for a week in teams of 5 to shoot exciting film reportages. The films were created on long days and nights of shooting with plenty of team spirit and a lot of creativity. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all teams for their impressive results. And now: Showtime!

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Singapore (Singapore) - Winner

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Madrid (Spain)

» Dürr Challenge 2015: Toronto (Canada) 

New mechanical engineering site

Dürr officially opened its new mechanical engineering site in Shanghai on Saturday, September 28, 2013. All the Measuring and Process Systems division's Chinese operations are being brought under the single umbrella of Schenck Shanghai Machinery Ltd. with an approximately 600-strong workforce in the manufacturing and office complex in the district of Baoshan.

Opening new site in Shanghai Baoshan

New production facility

Modernization of test center for painting technology

Dürr has redesigned and upgraded the world’s largest test center for painting technology in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Furthermore the new production facility for robot assembly is introduced (only in German).

Introduction new production facility / Modernization of test center for painting technology


With the “Eco+Paintshop” Dürr offers a paint shop with  optimized energy utilization, which in addition to providing better environmental compatibility also reduces unit costs and thus creates more competitive edge.


Robotic Painting

The automotive industry is constantly increasing its emphasis on fully automated robots in mass-production painting. The Dürr Ecopaint painting robot, which can be seen in the film, is the most successful product of its type worldwide with more than 3,000 installations.

Robotic Painting with EcoBell3 rotating atomizer

Ecopaint WetSystems

Ecopaint WetSystems is the brand name of our modular wet treatment systems. It stands for perfect corrosion protection for your vehicle body and for its quality and value retention. Ecopaint WetSystems successfully unites all components and modules via design integration to form a complete and reliable system.

Ecopaint WetSystems

Ecopaint RoDip

With the Ecopaint RoDip dip-painting process the body is primed at the beginning of the painting process. Specific to Ecopaint RoDip: The body rotates in the dipping basin and an optimal moisturizing is thereby applied, even in cavities.

Ecopaint RoDip 

Final Assembly

A finished automobile results within just a few hours from a painted body and a multitude of components in the final assembly of automobiles. Dürr supplies the technology for assembly, filling, testing and materials flow.

Final Assembly 


From miniature engines weighing just a few grams to 400-ton heavy aggregates of a steam turbine: revolving and oscillating components must be balanced in order to increase the service life and quality of the products. The film shows a 6-station machine that balances an electric armature every five seconds recorded in an electrical engine production facility.


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