Dürr on web 2.0

Dürr AG uses different types of social media. The information on this page gives you an overview of Dürr's various official activities.

Official Dürr AG photos are posted on Flickr.
Here you can find the latest news from Dürr AG.

Dürr AG posts multimedia materials on relevant group issues on YouTube.

On slideshare you can find our latest company and investor relations presentations.


Always well informed – with Dürr RSS feeds

Dürr AG provides you with news in RSS format from the Lifecycle Service and Press sectors. RSS means "Really Simple Syndication", i. e., you subscribe once and receive the news automatically in your RSS reader without visiting the website of the provider. A click on the RSS message automatically leads you to the news.

We explain below how to subscribe to and read your RSS feeds.

RSS with Internet Explorer
From version 7.0 on, the Internet Explorer supports RSS feeds. RSS feeds provided on a website are indicated in the Internet Explorer menu. Click on the indicated feed. Then you can subscribe to the feed and retrieve the news directly in your favourites centre under "Feeds".

RSS with Firefox
Users of the Firefox browser are provided with a fully functional RSS reader. The address line indicates feeds provided by the website. With a click on the RSS icon you can open a list of all the feeds. Click on the feed that interests you, and the related news will be immediately and automatically displayed.

RSS with Outlook 2007
Call the Outlook account manager under Tools -> Email accounts. Go to the "RSS feeds" tab. Enter the URL address of the RSS feed you want to subscribe to. From this moment on, your RSS subscription is saved in your account list. Outlook creates a separate area exclusively for managing RSS feeds in a selected personal folder. The news feeds you have subscribed to are now downloaded and will arrive as email in your RSS feed inbox.

Free extensions or RSS programmes
Convenient extensions are provided for Firefox as well as for Internet Explorer. Search the web for these extensions. Furthermore, a large quantity of specific programmes for reading RSS feeds are already available.

If you search the web for RSS readers, you can make your own selection from the results list.

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