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17.12.2014 Anniversary robot for the largest Dürr robot order

Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany), 17th December 2014 – The scope of the project itself would be reason enough for Dürr to celebrate. But there is another reason. As part of this project, Dürr is going...Read more

02.12.2014 Dürr right on track in the Japanese Market

Bietigheim-Bissingen, December 2nd, 2014 – The EcoDryScrubber from Dürr is an environmentally-friendly and reliable solution that leverages dry separation to capture and filter out overspray that...Read more

14.11.2014 Energy-efficient ORC technology: Dürr Cyplan taps new fields of application

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology by Dürr Cyplan takes roots and opens up new fields of application. In ongoing projects, it is used in combination with gas turbines, wood firing, and...Read more

06.10.2014 Dürr now offers application technology for paint and high-viscosity materials for additional sectors

Bietigheim-Bissingen, October 6, 2014 – Dürr now offers products for the application of paint and high-viscosity materials not only for the automotive industry but also for additional sectors. The...Read more

26.09.2014 Steam and power generation with highly efficient micro gas turbines

In Hall 1, booth 1/241, Dürr Systems GmbH and Bayerische Ray Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG present the Dürr Compact Power System (CPS) based on micro gas turbine technology. This system permits a...Read more

04.09.2014 Solvent-based cleaning in a new dimension: Better cleaning results at reduced costs and higher process reliability

Dürr Ecoclean presents the new EcoCCore at IMTS Chicago. Designed to use non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols, the machine is equipped with innovative technology for optimized cleaning...Read more

21.08.2014 Dürr to build another Eco+Paintshop in China

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 21 August 2014 – The plant engineering company Dürr builds a particularly resource-saving Eco+Paintshop for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA) in Dadong in China. This paint...Read more

04.08.2014 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles orders sustainable paint shop from Dürr

Bietigheim-Bissingen, August 4, 2014 - The plant engineering company Dürr builds an entire paint shop for the successor model to the Volkswagen Crafter for Volkswagen Poznan Sp.o.o. The...Read more

25.06.2014 Superior quality, cost-efficiency and process reliability in aqueous parts cleaning

Filderstadt/Germany, June 2014 – With its EcoCWave, Dürr Ecoclean has developed an innovative equipment system for aqueous cleaning processes which can handle a wide range of tasks – from coarse to...Read more

24.06.2014 Up to 24” with flying change-over speed

With its new, patented VENTUO, Schenck RoTec offers wheel manufacturers a complete fully-automatic production system for high-productivity and energy-efficient inflation of car wheels. Thanks to its...Read more

24.06.2014 The right adapter ring around the clock

The eShop for the turbocharger balancing machines from Schenck RoTec is now online. There is good news for all users of the SCHENCK turbocharger balancing machines TBcomfort and TBsonio: the...Read more

02.06.2014 Cleaning trials under near-production conditions lead to the optimum process

Dürr Ecoclean has responded to increased demand – particularly from the general industry – for such testing capacity in France.Read more

21.05.2014 Supplier optimizes parts cleaning to match changed requirements

Combining the right cleaning system and tank type is key to successRead more

12.05.2014 Ultrafine cleaning system with hydrofluoroether-based drying for sensitive optical lenses

Cleaning 2,000 different parts ready for coatingRead more

09.05.2014 Successful market launch of the new paint booth concept

EcoReBooth saves space while reducing material consumption and costsRead more

09.05.2014 Steam cleaning for improved cost efficiency, sustainability and quality

EcoCSteam – the environmentally friendly cleaning technologyRead more

09.05.2014 Paint separation – one step ahead

Efficient production with Dürr finishing technologyRead more

09.05.2014 New test center for handling doors and hoods

Ensuring efficient handling processes during fully automated painting of automotive bodiesRead more

09.05.2014 Fast and reliable cleanliness control in industrial cleaning

Ecoclean Lab – fully automatic VDA 19 compliant in-line cleanliness testingRead more

09.05.2014 x-DASalign – Precision and Safety

Test stand for reliable driver assistance systemsRead more

09.05.2014 Added flexibility and energy efficiency in the pretreatment and electro dip area

Dürr provides a good basisRead more

09.05.2014 Compact Power System – generate electricity and heat efficiently

Dürr`s micro gas turbine system uses the latest burner technologyRead more

09.05.2014 Eco+Speed spray booth concept increases capacity and enhances quality

For fast, precise interior paintingRead more

09.05.2014 EcoPositioner: high level of precision and flexibility

Dürr positioning technology for aircraft assemblyRead more

30.04.2014 Dürr at the IFAT trade fair: Highly efficient technologies for processes with increased economic efficiency

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 5 May 2014 – The key issues presented by Dürr Systems at the IFAT trade fair in Munich from May 5 to 9 are leading edge technologies with excellent energy efficiency some of...Read more

22.04.2014 Dürr Ecoclean launches a new machine generation for use with water-based media at parts2clean 2014

EcoCWave – the innovative all-round talent for applications ranging from coarse to fine cleaningRead more

18.04.2014 Dürr Ecoclean's PulseBoreCenter uses reduced pressure for superior efficiency

A technological leap in high-pressure water activation of the cylinder bore surfaces of engine blocksRead more

16.04.2014 Dürr Ecoclean's PulseBoreCenter uses reduced pressure for superior efficiency

A technological leap in high-pressure water activation of the cylinder bore surfaces of engine blocksRead more

14.04.2014 New opportunities for upgrading co-generation units with ORC

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 8 April 2014 – A large number of public-utility companies and communal enterprises use co-generation (CHP) - units for decentralized generation of electricity and heat. With its...Read more

11.04.2014 Dürr rebuilds PT / ED line at Volkswagen in Spain

Bietigheim-Bissingen, April 10th, 2014 – Dürr Systems Spain S.A has built a complete new line for pretreatment and electro dipping in the Pamplona plant of Volkswagen Navarra S.A. With production...Read more

02.04.2014 Audi uses energy-saving Dürr technology to paint in Mexico

Bietigheim-Bissingen, April 1st, 2014 – Plant manufacturer Dürr is supporting its customer Audi in the construction of a resource-saving production in Mexico. Dürr as the general contractor will...Read more

28.02.2014 Dürr Cyplan’s ORC system increases the efficiency of a geothermal power plant in Indonesia

Bietigheim-Bissingen, February 28, 2014 – Dürr Cyplan’s ORC technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) will increase the efficiency of a geothermal power plant in Indonesia. The pilot plant, used during a...Read more

27.02.2014 Dürr’s 8,000th robot will paint add-ons at Geely in China

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 27 February 2014 – The Chinese well-known car manufacturer Geely Automobile will paint its new C21 car models and the add-ons with material- and resource-saving Dürr technology....Read more

04.02.2014 Dürr presents innovative solutions for distributed energy supply at the E-World trade fair

Bietigheim-Bissingen, 4 February 2014 – From 11 to 13 February, Dürr Systems GmbH presents innovative technologies that have received numerous awards and increase the energy efficiency of production...Read more

22.01.2014 Präzisionsreinigung für 50 Tonnen verschiedene Teile täglich – Auf unterschiedlichste Verschmutzungen eingestellt

Das Spektrum der Teile, das bei der Société Nouvelle NPI 25 Ultrasons gereinigt wird, stellt hinsichtlich Geometrie, Größe, Verschmutzung und Sauberkeitsanforderungen eine echte Herausforderung dar....Read more