Product Overview


Product Overview


Aircraft Assembly

As a competent partner of the aircraft industry
we deliver complete production and painting
lines for different types of aircraft.



Application Technology

In the field of application technology, we have been the worldwide
leading supplier for years. The majority of all vehicles produced in
the world are painted with Dürr products.



Balancing and Assembly Products

The performance and quality of vehicle systems such as brakes, ABS, clutch etc.
are mainly determined by exact filling with operating fluids. Dürr also customises
balancing and diagnostic systems which meet all requirements.



Cleaning and Surface Processing

Dürr Ecoclean's solutions for industrial
parts cleaning and automation constantly
set new standards.



Clean Technology Systems

The Clean Technology Systems business unit
offers worldwide leading technologies for efficient
air pollution abatement.

Clean Tech

Paint Systems

Dürr delivers the key to surface finishing quality: we plan
and realize turnkey paint shops on all five continents.

Paint Systems