Services & Solutions

Service Hotline for paint shop related issues

Please dial the number of your regional zone:

North and South America
+1 866 387 7178

Europe, Africa, India, Russia, Japan
+49 7142 78 2550


Services & Solutions

With its Services & Solutions Team Dürr has brought together all its after-sales and customer service products. In addition to a full spectrum of services that includes spare parts procurement, training courses, system modifications and production assistance as well as the dismantling and relocation of plant and equipment, Services & Solutions also offers an attractive revamping and modernization concept for paint shops. The concept is one which takes all aspects of the modernization of existing paint plants into consideration with the aim of ensuring that they are then capable of meeting the demands of the future. Our goal is to keep the plant and equipment in good working order for as long as possible and to keep costs within reasonable limits.


To improve our international customer proximity our “National Service Managers“ are stationed worldwide and are able to respond to your requirements rapidly, competently and effectively.