Compact Power System (CPS): Highly efficient micro gas turbines for generating domestic current and heat.

Steam and power generation with highly efficient micro gas turbines

In Hall 1, booth 1/241, Dürr Systems GmbH and Bayerische Ray Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG present the Dürr Compact Power System (CPS) based on micro gas turbine technology. This system permits a significantly more efficient generation of steam and own power than traditional solutions do.

The Dürr CPS provides 100 kW electrical power. The hot turbine exhaust gas is used to generate process steam. Depending on the exhaust gas temperature, the thermal power ranges between 210 and 520 kWth. Besides a high electrical efficiency and an excellent overall effectiveness, gas turbines offer a system-related high availability, long maintenance intervals, and low maintenance costs.

To integrate the CPS into steam boiler systems, Bayerische Ray offers the variants that are shown in the figure 1. With steam volumes up to 700 kg/h, the turbine exhaust gas can be used for the direct production of process steam via a waste heat boiler or a rapid steam generator. For steam requirements of more than approximately 1 t/h a combination of traditional burner firing and firing the steam boiler with turbine exhaust gas is the best solution. For a steam volume of approximately 2 t/h base load, and more, the turbine exhaust gas can be used as combustion air within an exhaust gas turbine burner.

An exemption of minimum 60% of “EEG-Umlage” still guarantees an highly economical operation of the described solutions.