Air Pollution Control System Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Programs

Inspections and preventive maintenance are the first line of defense to ensure your air pollution control system is running at its' optimum performance and adhering to environmental compliance laws.

Dürr MEGTEC will inspect and maintain any system, from any manufacturer including:

Available in annual, semi-annual, or quarterly schedules, Dürr MEGTEC provides a thorough, detailed report with recommendations and options.

The information from these inspections have numerous benefits:

Dürr MEGTEC offers many preventive maintenance options, including:

In addition:

  • Dürr MEGTEC has the largest service team in the industry with 50+ service technicians strategically located across North America and the world.
  • With an average of 20+ years of experience per technician, Dürr MEGTEC is uniquely capable to inspect and maintain not only their own equipment, but any make or model of oxidizer, scrubber, ESP, baghouse, solvent recovery, or adsorption systems.
  • Dürr MEGTEC understands that system downtime is never convenient, and any downtime means a loss of production. Because of the size and experience of the service team, they are able to accommodate any customer's schedule to minimize loss of production.
  • Dürr MEGTEC's service reports are the most complete diagnostic overviews available. Each report goes in-depth and provides the necessary information to keep systems running effectively and efficiently, including current condition updates as well as recommendations for repairs and upgrades.  
  • Checklists, detailed write ups, photo documentation, and operating data are included in all reports, which is essential for permit compliance requirements.
  • With over $4 million in spare parts inventory ready for same day shipping, Dürr MEGTEC can coordinate installation of critical items, if needed, during inspections for further cost savings.
Charlie Schaffer
Sales Director, Americas
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