Spring is here and with rain and higher ambient temperatures on the way, is your equipment prepared for the challenge?

Are your fittings and cabinets watertight?

Rainwater infiltrating fittings and causing damage to components is a very common problem, which can lead to more harm than you might think.
Shorted thermocouple connections can be the reason for inaccurate temperature readings and over or under temperature control.

Birds, bees, insects – what is making your equipment its new home?

Providing a protected home for wildlife might seem like an admirable aspiration, but it doesn’t always make for a compatible or mutually beneficial relationship.
Birds, bees, and other insects like to build their homes in breather and vent tubing on switches, transmitters, and regulators, which can plug the vents and cause faulty operation.

Increased temperature and humidity affecting your oxidizer performance?

Air flow changes when buildings are opened up and with warmer air, density changes and the oxygen content of combustion air is reduced.

Inspection Checklist

  • Electrical cabinet cooling equipment working properly?
  • Air conditioner and cooling fan filters clean?
  • VFD fans functioning properly?
  • Motor cooling fans and intakes clean?

Tips: What to watch for when the warm weather hits

  • Radiated heat or direct sun exposure may lead to faults or equipment failure
  • Increased humidity may lead to condensation problems such as rust and corrosion
  • Seeding plants may contribute to combustion blower and fan filter pluggage
  • Wild life can damage wiring or be territorial. Especially black widows like to live around RTOs

Dürr Megtec Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our preventative maintenance programs help ensure your equipment is running optimally and stays that way.
They can be tailored to your needs preventing lost production and unnecessary downtime.

Contact Dürr Megtec today to find out how we can help get your oxidizer spring ready.

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