Controlling Industrial Noise: Vent Silencers for the Ethanol Industry

When steam is released to atmosphere via a pressure relief valve (PRV), it can create excessive noise that can be objectionable to employees and surrounding areas. To mitigate this across industry, vent silencers are typically used in conjunction with systems that utilize a PRV, including in ethanol production processes.

Installed around the world to effectively silence high-velocity air, steam and gas vents, vent silencers from Dürr Universal offer the following benefits:

Dürr Universal’s extensive in-house engineering, manufacturing, and industry expertise ensure a superior single-source mechanical and acoustic solution. We make the process more efficient by eliminating the need to shop multiple places for your system components. Our vent silencer customer specification sheet makes the collection of necessary data easy and you can rely on our experienced staff to recommend the vent silencer best suited for your application.

Contact us today to learn more and stop by and meet our team October 22-24, 2019 at the TEAM M3 Annual Meeting, hosted by Siouxland Ethanol.

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