The standardized EcoGun2 3D is suitable for all types of application from the injection of insulating materials to seam sealing.

Automation & Accuracy – New Automation Solutions for Painting, Sealing and Body Cleaning

We offer live demonstrations on the automation potential for applications of highly viscous materials, on the robot-controlled cleaning technology with feather dusters and on further innovations of Dürr third-generation robots in the coating of commercial vehicles.

Station 1 | Sealing

EcoJet ST – Tight in one pass: Automated sealing of standing seams
EcoJet SE – The clean choice: Overspray-free underbody application
Perfect roof seams: Accurate, fully automatic application

Station 2 | Painting

Interior and exterior painting in one paint booth.
Swingarm robot EcoRP S053i & EcoRP S153i for commercial vehicles.

Station 3 | Body cleaning

EcoRS Clean F – Gentle cleaning: The cleaning robot with feather rollers