Dürr's bolting system x-bolt

Bolting systems – Essential element in the unit assembly

Dürr is a long term supplier of marriage systems in which bolting and handling systems are also integrated.

Bolting system x-bolt

The bolting system x-bolt is a fully automatic, modular and scalable NC-controlled bolting station for which an extensive standardized pool of add-on units guarantees an optimal accessibility which, at the same time, ensures a high degree of flexibility.

The best prerequisite for a worthwhile investment in equipment.

Dürr's bolting system x-bolt
Dürr's bolting system x-bolt
Dürr's unit assembly x-marriage

For longer cycle times in the series production and for rework stations we have also developed the bolt and handling system x-bolt s which is easy to use manually. Furthermore, standardized components ensure that the bolting system can be perfectly aligned to each individual case.