ADAMOS and LOXEO – IoT platform and digital marketplace

LOXEO is the digital marketplace for Dürr and Schenck customers – the place where your plant and machine data converge, the overall process is perfected, and your productivity maximized.

Welcome to the cockpit of your digitized production

Dürr makes numerous digital services available via LOXEO, such as plant monitoring, machine component analysis, predictive maintenance, and eLearning.

LOXEO is based on the innovative ADAMOS IoT platform. It is the data center for all our products, and provides a wealth of production data. Data – from analyses of individual machine components to overall plant monitoring – are made available to our clients on LOXEO. To provide digital services, sensors in the machines and plants continuously scan processes and deliver production data (via the cloud, via edge computing, and on-premise). Right from the start, our customers decide what happens to the data.

To sum up, LOXEO is not just an app store. It is our digital doorway to our customers. This concept increases plant availability and productivity, and offers you clear added value. It includes apps for pending and predictive maintenance, which are also available in conjunction with hotline services, training courses, and eLearning. Some apps are ready and waiting, others are still in development.

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