Paint supply.

Paint mix rooms – The perfect preparation for painting

Dürr's paint supply systems meet every requirement for precise coating thickness and highly reproducible application. In the paint mix rooms, solvent- and water-based paints and anti-corrosive coatings are carefully prepared before being applied. Dürr is one of the world's leading suppliers in this field.

To satisfy the most exacting requirements for quality, cost effectiveness and efficiency, Dürr provides holistic, sophisticated processes and paint supply systems that cover everything from preparing the paint to supplying it to the application system.

By producing the key components of a supply system, such as supply pumps, controllers, tanks, and a great deal more, Dürr is able to provide perfectly harmonized paint supply systems that satisfy all the requirements for modern paint supply.

Dürr customers enjoy technological and financial advantages because we ensure they get exactly the right material supply system, for example by conveying the paint materials as gently as possible, by controlling the temperature, or by pumping on demand.