DXQ3D.onsite – Robot programming and configuration software

Create and change robot programs and configure the associated process data – with the 3D programming and simulation software developed by Dürr, your system will be user-friendly and simple to operate. The production worker will then have the optimum tool for system operation in the robot cell itself.

DXQ3D.onsite benefits

  • 3D view of workpieces (vehicle body, attachments, etc.) with the assigned path programs
  • Universal tool kit for configuring application processes
  • Tools for creating and managing path programs
  • Easy configuration and user management
  • Full view of robots, applicators and cell with workpieces in 3D
  • Universal tool kit for creating and optimizing path programs
  • Live reachability and collision check of path points during programming
  • Realistic simulation of the motion programs of one or more robots of a cell
  • Prediction of exact program runtimes and workload
  • Calculation of paint consumption based on actual process parameters
  • Simple data exchange with external CAD systems
  • Easy import of all important CAD formats into 3D graphics without external converter
  • Integrated function for exporting previously imported 3D models
  • Detailed, graphical evaluation and analysis of process flows
  • Clear representation of the relationships between process events and the associated time programs
  • Access to historical data for unexpected process events
  • Automatic path generation based on CAD models
  • Consideration of the surface geometry (curvature, waste line)
  • Recalculation of all path points if requirements change
  • Graphical analysis of data merged by DXQequipment.analytics
  • Multiple filtering options to select the data or the time period either over dates or production data
  • Visual comparison of different time periods and robots
  • Recorded axis positions of robots are converted to 3D graphics to animate the robot model