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Service Products & Training

General training for application, process and environmental technologies as well as specific, practical and tailored courses

We can offer you practical training courses designed to meet your specific needs. The courses are run by professional instructors at our training center. They will equip your employees to operate your Air Pollution Control System. The aim is to ensure that the system operates smoothly after commissioning and that faults can be avoided in everyday operation. Our training also provides information on how to use the system correctly, and on maintenance intervals to ensure that your system operates at peak performance for as long as possible. In addition, the courses focus on the health and safety of your employees and help prevent them being put at risk as a result of incorrect operation of the system. Only employees who are familiar with how the system works should be allowed to operate it.

We also provide customized training courses on subjects of your choice, such as special process equipment solutions, safe processing of harmful emissions, the VOC directive, explosion protection, maintenance, repairing faults, and improving energy consumption.

Service products

Ecopure® HEX-BLOCK - Honeycomb Blocks

Operating costs are an important factor for Air Pollution Control Systems used to reduce VOC emissions from paint shops. Dürr has developed the new Ecopure® HEX-BLOCK honeycomb blocks for regenerative thermal oxidation (Ecopure® RTO), which have much lower operating costs than equivalent systems with conventional honeycomb blocks. The unique shape and newly developed structure of the ceramic honeycomb block heat exchangers keep electricity and gas consumption to a minimum.

However, it is not only new air pollution control system that can benefit from our new Ecopure® HEX-BLOCK honeycomb blocks. They can be used with existing air pollution control systems of all makes to reduce operating costs or the waste air volume flow and therefore to increase the capacity of the system.

Ecopure® TARCOM VI − The new generation of burners

The Ecopure® TARCOM VI burner is fitted as standard in the new Ecopure® TAR systems and offers significant improvements in emissions, which is an important consideration with respect to the future introduction of lower emissions thresholds. The burner can be retrofitted to existing systems of any make.

  • Reducing the consumption of utilities
    Improvements in the air ducting of the sight glass cooling system reduce compressed air consumption by 50%.
  • Optimized operation under partial load         
    A significant reduction in the process air volume compared with its predecessor. Considerable savings potential in combination with the EcoSmart VEC
  • Lower NOx emissions
    Reduced nitrogen oxide emission levels as a result of the improved fuel feed and the lower combustion chamber temperatures, despite the higher pre-heating temperatures.
  • Reduced CO emissions
    Better clean gas figures as a result of the optimized flow control in the reaction zone, which leads to an obvious improvement in the conversion of hydrocarbons (VOCs) in existing  Ecopure® TAR systems.
  • High temperatures for pre-heated process air 
    A special design for pre-heating the process air to up to 600°C allows for the cost-effective treatment of waste air flows containing solvents.

An engineering study (including an as-is analysis) of your existing system can identify whether retrofitting the burner makes financial sense. Alternatively, you can complete a questionnaire about your current system configuration, mode of operation, and consumption. Dürr will evaluate your answers to the questionnaire and inform you about the results.

You are welcome to visit us at our Bietigheim-Bissingen site for a demonstration of the Ecopure® TARCOM VI burner. Of course, we will also be happy to provide you with individual consultancy at your own plant.

Remote maintenance control

The new Dürr remote maintenance router will ensure that you are well-equipped for the future. We pre-configure the router, deliver and install it, and then bring it into operation. Dürr can access the control unit of the Air Pollution Control System via a VPN or GSM.

Remote maintenance offers you the following benefits:

  • Industry 4.0 compatibility for the IoT systems of the future
  • Highly secure firewall and IT system
  • Increased availability as a result of access to all end devices
  • Immediate remote diagnostics to reduce travel costs
  • Status reporting by SMS and/or email
  • Smart Ready functionality for gadgets such as smart tablets (customer view option)