Dürr Somac's Measurement and Test Technology

Optimization & Technical Inspection– Everything for your equipment

Trouble-free technical state of your filling equipment components are essential for reliable availability and a basic requirement for the quality of your product. Therefore, we design customized concepts to optimize your equipment and decrease the maintenance needed.

Technical Inspection

Especially in advance of a Retrofit or Upgrade we recommend to analyse your equipment and technical components by realizing a Technical Inspection.


Software upgrades or the extension of your filling equipment to the latest standards enable the flexible adaptation of your filling station to changed general conditions. By means of our upgrades you reach shorter and optimised process times and an increase in productivity.

Upgrade potentials

  • G3Blue adapter enable higher filling speeds, offer improved ergonomics and set new standards of maintenance
  • Modernization of parts
  • Equipment extensions, e.g. additional medium
  • Exchange of pumps
  • PC or PLC modifications respectively upgrade to most recent version

Retrofit – Restoration to delivery condition

It is our ambition to keep your filling stations ready for operation as long as possible and as long as it is economically advantageous. We offer different possibilities for the retrofit or replacement of existing equipment components with new advanced parts to extend the life cycle of your filling equipment. Machine restoration, either party or completly, using exclusively original spare parts extends your equipments lifetime and will assure full functionality.


  • Less investment than new equipment
  • Low design expenditures and short delivery time
  • Increase lifetime
  • Modernization of proclamation parts
  • Retain infrastructure and operability