Measurement system for wheel aligner, x-3Dprofile

Testing technology – Perfectly maintained and ready for the future

During the development of a new test stand we can anticipate most but not all of the features that  will be required in a few years. However, we can ensure with our service features that your systems are perfectly maintained and in addition receive an upgrade which ensures their sustainability in the long term.

Scope of service – Wheel alignment stand

  • Mechanical maintenance electrical maintenance
  • System and software checks
  • Optimizing test cycles
  • PC-upgrade
  • Upgrading of operating system
  • Upgrading of the fieldbus
  • Modification to latest laser generation
  • Integration of new vehicle types
  • Modification, extension of result reports
  • Linearity check of the lasers, also possible at the customer’s plant
  • Measuring the master gauge
  • Validating the weighing cells in the floating plates, carried out on site with testing Equipment
  • Wheel measurement and alignment - truck
  • Static and dynamic reproducibility in order to evaluate vehicle-related influences:
    • On the master gauge
    • On the series vehicle
    • On the rolling master
  • Validating the linearity on the master gauge:
    • Via calibration segments or by moving the master gauge within the system
    • Analysis of the results
  • Testing the measurement capability with evaluating static parameters and offset, gathering and analyzing the results:
    • On the series vehicle
    • On the rolling master
    • In case of systems identical to those of Dürr