Skidless conveyors

Choosing the optimum transport system is critical in paint shop planning. Most automotive manufacturers use dip and paint skids for reliable transport, but skidless conveyor systems are far more suitable and come with significant advantages.

Conveyor systems for skidless transport

The skidless Friction Drive System transports the body directly on the trolley. Stationary drives, which are mounted along a single-track rail system consisting of straight section elements, curves and track switches, push the trolleys through the plant.

A paint shop can also go skidless by using crossbars that are securely connected to the vehicle. Dürr offers a full range of conveyors to suit conveyor flows in different paint shops.

The benefits of Dürr skidless conveyor systems

  • Less bath fluid carryover
  • Less EC contamination on the conveyor system
  • No skids and therefore less cleaning, maintenance and logistics work
  • Minimal contamination entering the spray booth
  • Lower oven-energy requirement
  • No interference contours in the underbody sealing section
  • Space savings – no empty skid buffers and return lines (and therefore no capital tied up but adding no value)