Duerr Eco Energy

Decentral Power Generation

The energy world is changing! High efficient, small and decentralized power generators substitute large centralized fossil-fired power plants. A mixture of renewable, hybrid and fossil-fired power plants will ensure the coverage of electricity demand in the future. Especially in fossil fuel fired plants like natural gas, coal, diesel, oil etc. In developing countries, where the public grid is not stable, decentralized small power plants are producing electricity for the final consumer on site. The transport of the fuels to these decentralized power plants makes the power production highly expensive. Therefore, highest efficiency in electricity production is required to ensure economical supply.

Dürr offers two key technologies for decentralized power generation:

The Dürr Cyplan® ORC technology enables the improvement of the efficiency of new and existing decentralized power plants by transforming heat into electricity. The electrical efficiency of fossil fuel driven gensets can be improved by up to 30%. The economical electrification of small to medium heat sources such as biomass or geothermal resources becomes possible by Cyplan® ORC technology. The investment into Dürr Cyplan® ORC will pay off in a short period of time.

ORC Technology

Cyplan® ORC-Technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a key technology to generate electricity from decentralized heat sources. Thanks to their efficiency and flexibility, ORC technology can profitably transform unused thermal energy with a temperature range between 90 - 600 ° C into useful power.

Your advantages with a Cyplan® ORC- system:

  • CO2 – free electricity generation out of waste heat
  • Reduction of operational cost for power generation
  • More independence through the use of self-generated energy

The application areas of our Cyplan® ORC are wide-ranging. In geothermal-, industrial-, solar heat systems, engines / CHP units, biomass and waste gas burning, and gas turbines you can benefit enormously from Cyplan® ORC. A lot of unused heat generate in these industries, can be meaningfully used with an ORC system and self-generated electricity can be generated.