Move the world of technology

The freedom to take commercial decisions, the appeal of realising international projects successfully, the openness to find new paths and the courage to take them - all of those who work at Dürr value these attributes.

Get to know Dürr as an employer.

What motivates us.
We are at the top of the world market - with varnishing and painting, assembly and environmental technology and in the area of balancing and cleaning Technology and with woodworking machines. We create global bases for our customers for the commercial and sustainable development of manufacturing environments world-wide.

What drives you forward.
Searching for new solutions with creativity, pursuing a goal with dedication, enjoying new challenges. Irrespective of whether you join us on an apprenticeship, during your studies or with professional experience, you can always actively shape your career at Dürr.

What we are able to achieve together.
With the support of an entrepreneurial commercial vision, we work together to ensure international success and more innovation on all the themes which Dürr impacts upon in the world.

Accompany three of our colleagues from the service department on their projects all over the world and learn more about the diverse job.
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