Move the world of technology

Woodworking Machinery and Systems:
All woodworking solutions from a single source

The HOMAG Group, which has been part of the Dürr Group since October 2014, is the force behind the Woodworking Machinery and Systems division. HOMAG is the epitome for technologically leading-edge woodworking machines around the world. The world leader’s range of products and services can meet all customer requirements. It includes drilling and sawing machines, laminating processes and edge-laminating machines, as well as machining centers, handling systems and entire assembly lines for the furniture industry.

Measuring and Process Systems:
Smooth, round running

With our brand Schenck Rotec, we are global leaders in balancing technology. Our machines balance everything that rotates: from the armature weighing a few grams to the 350 tons rotor of a power plant turbine. Industrial cleaning technology is our second base. It reliably ensures that every component is clean, thus warranting a long useful life of motors, transmissions, and many other assemblies.

Paint and Final Assembly Systems:
A top address in plant engineering

All over the world, Paint and Final Assembly Systems is considered the premium address for mass production paint shops for automobile manufacturers. In keeping with the motto “Leading in Production Efficiency,” our plants are highly economical while minimizing the consumption of energy, resources and materials. Our final assembly systems ensure maximum efficiency in vehicle production as well.

Application Technology:
Robots, high-tech atomizers, and many more

How does the paint get on the car? In the best case, with high-tech systems by Application Technology: as a one-stop service provider, we offer everything from the painting robot over high-rotation atomizers to control software. Furthermore, we are global leaders in sealing technology, for example for sealing weld seams. Also, our gluing technology systems offer the automotive industry entirely new options for joining components in the body shop or the final assembly.

Clean Technology Systems:
We make the most of energy

The name says it all. All over the world, air pollution control systems ensure clean production processes in chemical and pharmaceutical plants, or in automotive paint shops. For us, energy efficiency is more than just a word. We are working full speed to improve technologies for energy recovery, from microgas turbine over heat exchangers to ORC plants that generates electricity from waste heat.


Move the world of technology

The freedom to take commercial decisions, the appeal of realising international projects successfully, the openness to find new paths and the courage to take them - all of those who work at Dürr value these attributes.

Get to know Dürr as an employer.

What motivates us.
We are at the top of the world market - with varnishing and painting, assembly and environmental technology and in the area of balancing and cleaning Technology and with woodworking machines. We create global bases for our customers for the commercial and sustainable development of manufacturing environments world-wide.

What drives you forward.
Searching for new solutions with creativity, pursuing a goal with dedication, enjoying new challenges. Irrespective of whether you join us on an apprenticeship, during your studies or with professional experience, you can always actively shape your career at Dürr.

What we are able to achieve together.
With the support of an entrepreneurial commercial vision, we work together to ensure international success and more innovation on all the themes which Dürr impacts upon in the world.

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