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New goals in sight

Would you like to broaden your horizons linguistically and culturally as well as professionally? Then we will gladly give you the opportunity to develop your skills during an international internship. Taking responsibility, working together with colleagues, getting to know processes and structures - all are key parts of your internship. You will need 6 months for this special challenge so that you can gain valuable insights and also gather interesting perspectives for your professional future at the same time.

For initial contact or further information, we can meet at one of our Recruiting Events.

We are currently seeking interns for the following departments:

Current international internships Location / Duration
Site Management Standort ist derzeit noch offen
zum Wintersemester 2018/2019 für 6 Monate
Dürr Auslandsgesellschaften - Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Initiativbewerbung Dürr Auslandsgesellschaften
Die Dürr Auslandsgesellschaften bieten zu flexiblen Einstiegsdaten für 4-6 Monate
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