Creating customer-focused value

We want to ensure Dürr‘s future through long-term and stable profitability, high value for customers and the lasting motivation of our employees.

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

Each of our employees views themselves as an entrepreneur within the company. This means having the freedom to act and make decisions, accept responsibility for results and understanding just how critical one’s own contribution is to the success of everyone.

Innovation and technology

Outstanding products and results are the basis of our leading position in the global market. We are constantly working together to develop improvements and create innovations through our broad variety of ideas and implementation power.

Guaranteeing sustainability

Our future lies in long-term and globally successful business relationships. We focus on using resources conscientiously in order to preserve them for future generations‘ use.

Valuing diversity

The skills of our employees worldwide are influenced by their varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences. By taking advantage of these skills, we achieve the best results. As a globally active company, we stand for an appreciation of one another, and encourage teamwork.


What gives us orientation

Successful cooperation requires shared values. We view our company values to be standards that are valid at the intercultural level and which are generally binding. They form the basis of our commercial, entrepreneurial actions and secure the cohesive nature of the Dürr group in the form of a guiding principle.

We demand and promote excellence. In return, irrespective of the phase of your career or your life, you can expect fairness, transparency and recognition of your performance. And of course a lot more.

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