Kienzlesince 2016 Project controller in the Pant and Final Assembly Systems/Plant Services area ]]> BenschBachelor in Mechanical Engineering with field Process Engineering (Flensburg University of Applied Sciences), Master in Building and Energy Technology (Erfurt University of Applied Sciences) Career at Dürr:
2013 Participation in Dürr Challenge 2013, Team Sao Paulo
2014 Master thesis in the Division PFS/Engineering
since 2014 Design engineer for process optimisation in the Division PFS/Engineering Dürr Systems AG, Germany]]> Fischer Borowiecka Kang MühlbauerDual study, Mechanical Engineering
]]> Klenge"Internal knowledge transfer - colleagues training colleagues"]]>
Degree in Process Technology from the University of Stuttgart

Career at Dürr:
1993 Thesis on heat wheels
1995 Development engineer in the Engineering Division
2000 SAP key user in the Engineering Division
Since 2008 Dürr trainer qualification

Dürr Systems AG, Germany]]> Kliewer"Collaboration in international projects"]]>
Something that was particularly interesting for me personally was a big paint shop project for a Korean customer in Russia, because I learnt a lot about Korean values and attitudes. Then there was Russian culture and working practices, which had to be understood to advance the project. This really helped me to better evaluate my own culture and to be able to use the differences to the advantage of the project.

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe

Career at Dürr:
2007 Project Management Trainee
2008 Lead Engineer
Since 2011 Project Manager

Dürr Systems AG, Germany

]]> HeinrichBachelor in Mechanical and Process Engineering (Technical University Darmstadt), Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering  (Technical University Darmstadt) Career at Dürr:
2013 - 2014 Dürr Graduate Program
since 2015 Project Manager Mechanical Systems Division PFS/Project Management Dürr Systems AG, Germany]]> Bommer"Apprenticeship"]]>
Career at Dürr:
2011 Apprenticeship in Mechatronics

Dürr Systems AG, Deutschland]]> Alonso Garcia"Working at Dürr, a medium-sized company"]]>
Degree in Electronics from the Heilbronn Technical University of Applied Sciences

Career at Dürr:
1994 Development Engineer in Control Engineering, Application Engineering
1998 Team leader of the Robot Control team
2003 Head of the Software Engineering/Start-up Control Engineering Department
Since 2007 Head of the Control Engineering Division Dürr Systems AG, Germany]]> Bombarda"My international career path at Dürr"]]>MBA at SDA Bocconi School of Management and a Law Degree at the University Milan

Career at Dürr:
2001 – 2002 Buyer's Assistant, International Purchasing Department in Germany
2002 – 2004 Sole Project Buyer, Dürr Systems Inc. in USA
2004 – 2005 Senior Buyer, Central International Purchasing in Germany
2006 – 2009 Purchasing and Global Sourcing Manager at Olpidürr S.p.A. in Italy
2009 – 2012 CFO and Global Sourcing Manager at Olpidürr S.p.A. in Italy
Olpidürr S.p.A., Italy]]> Chabo"Starting at Dürr with the intern program"]]>
Degree in Process and Environmental Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn

Career at Dürr:
2010 Internship in the Environmental and Energy Systems (EES) Division
2010 Bachelor thesis in the EES Division
2011 Product Manager in the EES Division
Since 2012 Start-up Engineer/Construction Manager in the EES Division

Dürr Systems AG, Germany]]>