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For photos of the new EcoRP E043i 7-axis painting robot please click here.

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1000 x 472 px
EcoDC MACS creates a voltage profile that moves with the car body.
EcoDry X
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4429 x 4134 px
EcoDry X – the intentionally simple and robust paint overspray separation
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3000 x 2512 px
The EcoDryScrubber is a new generation of overspray separation requiring no water and no water treatment.
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2954 x 2254 px
EcoEMOS is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the economic management and optimization of production processes. The modular software is compatible with any commercially available Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) worldwide.
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1500 x 1000 px
EcoInCure is a new body drying process developed by Dürr. It heats and cools bodies from the inside. The air flow conduction in the innovative drying process guarantees the best possible top coat distribution, maximum process reliability and process efficiency.
Ecopaint WetSystems
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7360 x 4912 px
Ecopaint WetSystems successfully unites all components and modules for a perfect corrosion protection of the car body. In the entire PT / ED process, Durr for many years has relied on the rotational dip-coating system Ecopaint RoDip. This technology stands for the perfect interplay between plant and conveyor. The rotation of the complete body in the tank optimizes the process of immersion, flooding and draining.
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1500 x 1620 px
EcoReBooth – compact and modular
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5472 x 3648 px
Innovative light tunnel for checking surface quality
EcoSmart VEC
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3084 x 2160 px
EcoSmart VEC – a fresh and exhaust air control system to provide “energy on demand”
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5637 x 3758 px
Immediately after their application, fresh paint coats are cured in an oven tunnel.
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