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Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 696 KB
2084 x 1389 px
A fantastic happy end of the Dürr Challenge 2016.
Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 3.7 MB
5312 x 2988 px
Team Dubai is having a traditional dinner with locals.
Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 9.2 MB
5312 x 2988 px
Team Buenos Aires found its main protagonist.
Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 3.0 MB
5312 x 2988 px
The tutor of team Dubai in the middle of a desert-landscape.
Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 604 KB
2084 x 1389 px
The winners received a prize of 2,500,- €.
Dürr Challenge 2016
JPG, 6.1 MB
5184 x 3456 px
Team Dubai is enjoying the wonderful view on the skyline of Dubai.
Dürr Challenge 2016
JPG, 113 KB
1280 x 960 px
Team Kuala Lumpur and the main protagonist of the short movie „Lysande“.
Dürr Challenge 2016
jpg, 1.3 MB
2592 x 1456 px
Team Kuala Lumpur arrived at the international Airport of Kuala Lumpur.
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