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For photos of the new EcoRP E043i 7-axis painting robot please click here.

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Products for paint application not only for the automotive industry
jpg, 2.9 MB
4199 x 2734 px
The EcoPump piston pump is part of the industrial product portfolio.
"Industrial Products" for the application of paint and high-viscosity materials
jpg, 1.8 MB
4199 x 3977 px
The industrial product portfolio includes the EcoGun air atomizer.
Application: EcoBell2 SL DC
png, 184 KB
1331 x 1995 px
The high-speed rotating atomizer EcoBell2 SL DC is suitable for the electrostatic application of all paint or for painting without high tension. It has been developed especially for high paint flow rates and high painting speeds
Application: EcoGun 910
png, 472 KB
1331 x 1995 px
The EcoGun 910 is a 2-piston state-of-the-art gravity-feed air spray gun. Designed for professional use, performance and durability are distinguishing characteristics in order to meet highest demands.
Application: EcoGun2 AS Auto
png, 497 KB
1330 x 1995 px
The EcoGun2 AS Auto is an automatic air spray gun designed for the automotive industry, especially for coatings that require reproductive spray patterns. It is suitable for water and solvent based media and can be installed on robots.
Automated painting solution for general industry: EcoRP 10 R1100
jpg, 246 KB
1292 x 1075 px
The painting robot system consists of a small six-axis Kuka robot equipped with Dürr paint application technology. This system is available in different configurations.
Dosing Unit: EcoDose 2k
png, 1.2 MB
1330 x 1995 px
The EcoDose 2k is an electronic dosing system suitable for high and low pressure applications. It can be used in manual and automatic processes.
Pumps: EcoPump AD
png, 2.0 MB
1330 x 1995 px
A wide choice of manufacturing materials for the pump housing makes the EcoPump AD the best solution for different kinds of fluid handling such as abrasive and particle containing fluids.
Pumps: EcoPumpHP
png, 782 KB
1330 x 1995 px
The EcoPumpHP is an air-driven horizontal piston pump. It has been manufactured and tested according to Dürr's well-proven quality standards. Performance and durability are further distinguishing characteristics in order to meet highest demands.
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