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For photos of the new EcoRP E043i 7-axis painting robot please click here.

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The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
jpg, 1.1 MB
1800 x 1195 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
jpg, 1.7 MB
2084 x 1389 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
jpg, 156 KB
1920 x 1080 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
jpg, 154 KB
1920 x 1080 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
jpg, 156 KB
1920 x 1080 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
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1920 x 1080 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
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1920 x 1080 px
The new generation of 7-axis robots EcoRP E043i
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1920 x 1080 px
7 Axes – Total freedom of movement
jpg, 0.9 MB
1000 x 1500 px
Thanks to its seven axis kinematic system, the EcoRP E043i robot reaches every spot in the car body. This can eliminate the need for a linear displacement rail and significantly reduce investment and maintenance costs in the paint booth.
Color changer EcoLCC2
jpg, 5.2 MB
3840 x 5760 px
The color changer EcoLCC2 provides up to 36 colors flexibly for painting. Each color is activated by docking into the respective paint valve. The color change is done quickly, and paint losses remain minimal with just 10-15 ml per color change.
EcoBell2 ICC
jpg, 2.3 MB
2362 x 2819 px
The new EcoBell ICC paint atomizer speeds up the change from one color to the next and reduces the material lost in the process to a minimum. Color changing time is reduced to about 6 seconds, paint loss drops to a maximum of one tenth of the previous amount.
EcoRP E033
jpg, 2.3 MB
2480 x 1709 px
Dürr EcoRP E033 robot in the production employment. Elevated arranged robots offer a much better work area and make reduced booth widths possible.
EcoRS 30L16S
jpg, 6.8 MB
4440 x 3180 px
Thanks to its shortened arm 1, the robot EcoRS 30L16S is particularly suitable for sealing applications inside car bodies.
EcoShot Meter Double
JPG, 4.9 MB
5472 x 3648 px
The electric EcoShot Meter piston dosing unit is suitable for most viscous sealing and gluing materials. The precise system is available in two sizes and covers almost all applications as a standard model.
Gluing in body in white: application head
jpg, 1.2 MB
5760 x 3840 px
EcoGun gluing applicators permit the application of highly viscous adhesive with various application methods and bead cross-sections. The material flow is adjusted directly in the nozzle of the electrically controlled gun.
Gluing in body in white: flatstream application
jpg, 1.0 MB
5760 x 3840 px
Flatstream application is used for insulation in the automotive sector. The nozzle is adjustable in width to suit the respective application task.
Gluing in body in white: swirl application
jpg, 1.0 MB
5760 x 3840 px
With swirl application, the material is swirled by a cone of air. This allows a thin coat of material to applied over a wide area. The width can be varied via the air pressure. This non-contact application method is easy to program, and the application paths can be covered more rapidly than for application methods involving surface contact or a minimum distance to the surface.
Gluing in final assembly: window glazing
JPG, 680 KB
1169 x 1104 px
Dürr expands its business in the field of gluing equipment for automobile manufacture. The acquisition of the specialist firm Kleinmichel in January 2010 enables Dürr to offer solutions for all gluing processes in vehicle production.
Inauguration of the Dürr service center in Ulsan
jpg, 1.9 MB
5760 x 3840 px
Inauguration of the Dürr service center in Ulsan. The ribbon was cut by Chairman Ralf W. Dieter (sixth from the left), Dr. Hans Schumacher, Director of the Application Technology Division (to the right), Manfred Weil, Director of the Paint and Final Assembly Systems Division (third from the right), and Bernard Condrau, Managing Director of Dürr Korea (fifth from the left).
Innovative concept for human-robot collaboration
jpg, 3.2 MB
3840 x 2160 px
Human-robot collaboration – or HRC for short – is a new trend in industrial production. This involves skilled workers and robots tackling a production stage jointly, each contributing their respective strengths. Dürr has now presented one of the first HRC concepts for automotive production. When gluing in fuel tanks during final vehicle assembly it increases quality, saves time and cuts unit costs.
Interior painting EcoBell3 Ci
jpg, 3.9 MB
3888 x 2592 px
EcoBell3 Ci interior painting: With high-speed rotating atomizer and direct charging.
Manufacturing of painting robots
jpg, 5.7 MB
3888 x 2592 px
Manufacturing of painting robots in Bietigheim-Bissingen
Paint atomizer
jpg, 722 KB
3008 x 2000 px
Adherence to environmental standards is constantly gaining in importance for the automotive industry. Dürr's energy-saving painting systems for the application of environmentally compatible powder paint are therefore in demand. Pictured is the new EcoBell 2 Powder high-rotation atomizer, which guarantees even distribution of the powder paint on the body's surface.
Painting of attached parts with the EcoBell3 Cx
jpg, 1.2 MB
2732 x 1821 px
EcoBell3 Cx is particularly suitable for interior painting, bumper painting, and combined zones with interior and exterior painting. This was achieved by a very compact electrode ring. With it the atomizer displays the ideal combination between high performance and process flexibility on the one hand, and the lowest complexity on the other hand.
jpg, 4.3 MB
2740 x 4205 px
In the so-called sealing line weld seams on car bodies occurring when parts are joined together are sealed.
Service center in Ulsan
jpg, 2.6 MB
5568 x 3712 px
Robots and application technology are available to be used during training seminars held at the service center in Ulsan.
Short bead electric gun
jpg, 1.4 MB
3328 x 4992 px
Test center handling processes
jpg, 4.9 MB
4867 x 3648 px
Automated hood opening: Such processes can be tested in Dürr’s new test center.
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