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For photos of the new EcoRP E043i 7-axis painting robot please click here.

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EcoRP 10 R1100 Ready2spray robot
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2732 x 1821 px
EcoRP 10 R1100 Ready2spray robot: While the robot comes from Kuka, Dürr provides the paint application technology.
EcoRP 10 R1100 Ready2spray robot
jpg, 2.2 MB
2732 x 4098 px
EcoRP 10 R1100 Ready2spray robot: Equipped with application technology
Greg Jansen (Director of Enhancement Technologies, Stiles Machinery, Inc.)
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1400 x 933 px
Greg Jansen (Director of Enhancement Technologies, Stiles Machinery, Inc.)
Automated painting solution for general industry: Dürr and Kuka join forces
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5472 x 3648 px
Dürr and Kuka have presented their jointly developed painting robot system, which is perfectly suited to the requirements of general industry. Dr. Hans Schumacher, Board Spokesman of Dürr Systems AG, and Stefan Lampa, CEO of Kuka Roboter GmbH (left), – here next to the compact painting system EcoRP 10 R1100 – sealed the cooperation by signing the agreement on May 8, 2017.
Dürr receives Ford Motor Company´s World Excellence Award for second year in succession
jpg, 1.6 MB
5514 x 4411 px
Bruno Welsch (center, President & CEO Dürr Systems, Inc.) with Hau Thai-Tang (left, Ford Group Vice President Global Purchasing) and Raj Nair (Ford Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Global Product Development).
Open training programs – and a modern training center
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4384 x 2904 px
A modern training center featuring state-of-the-art equipment is available on the Dürr campus for international training courses in the field of application technology.
Open training programs – international training groups
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As part of the open training program on application technology, Dürr experts from various countries provide shared instruction in small groups
Open training programs – robot training
jpg, 4.3 MB
5760 x 3840 px
Dürr’s team of trainers shows employees attending training sessions how to operate robots with optimum proficiency.
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