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Fabtech | Monterrey, Mexico

Die Fachmesse für die führende Metallindustrie

7.-9. Mai 2019 | Cintermex, Monterrey

FABTECH Mexico organizers

FABTECH Mexico continues to be the primary gathering for leading metal manufacturers in Mexico. The co-located event will bring together 575 exhibitors and cover more than 140,000 net square feet of show floor. Over 13,000 attendees from Mexico and South America will converge on the Cintermex to find solutions, network, learn and experience first-hand the latest innovations in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.

Cintermex Monterrey
64010 Monterrey, Mexiko
Cintermex Monterrey
Av Fundidora 501, Obrera
64010 Monterrey