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Less paint consumption: new electrostatic spray gun for a more efficient painting process

Dürr adds the EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC to its range of manual spray guns

Bietigheim-Bissingen, March 01, 2024 – Dürr is adding an electrostatic air spray gun (ESTA Gun) to its range of manual spray guns. The new EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC is a more sustainable way of painting, reducing overspray by about 40 percent. The spray gun comes in two versions, with direct or external charging. It is equally suitable for applying solvent and water-based paints, and its ergonomic handle and low weight make for comfortable work, even for extended periods.

The new spray gun is ideal for applications where workpieces, such as tubes, rims, two-wheelers or train parts, are painted manually. The advantage here is the electrostatic charging of the paint and components. Dürr offers the spray gun in two versions: The EcoGun AS MAN DC (direct charging) has an electrode on the spray gun needle, which charges the paint and then applies it to a grounded component. The EcoGun AS MAN EC (external charging) positively charges the paint particles by passing them through an electrostatic field. A negatively charged workpiece then attracts these paint particles.

Low paint consumption and reduced work time 

Electrostatics reduce paint consumption because the attraction between the particles and the workpiece results in less overspray during the painting process. As a result, the EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC consumes up to 40 percent less paint than conventional air spray guns, significantly reducing paint consumption costs. Simultaneously, the electrostatic charge accelerates the painting process by creating a so-called wrap-around effect. “The charged paint particles follow the electric field lines. As a result, it even reaches surfaces on the back of the workpiece,” explains Tom Reiner, a Dürr product engineer.

The maximum charging voltage for Dürr’s new spray gun is -60 kV for the direct charging version and -30 kV for the external charging version, delivering a high level of transfer efficiency. An integrated high-voltage LED indicates the electrostatic voltage state during painting. However, the manual air spray gun can also be used without high voltage and achieves fine atomization and the same precise application in this state.

Design optimized for comfort and functionality 

The EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC’s optimized design offers additional comfort and functionality. The handle shape was adapted to the natural shape of the palm for easier and more ergonomic handling and to prevent slipping. The housing is made from composite materials to guarantee low weight and long service life. Additionally, maintenance is simple since the gun consists of just a few individual parts. 

From April 9-12, visitors at Dürr’s booth at PaintExpo in Karlsruhe (hall 3, stand 3320) can hold the EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC and learn more about this innovation. The manual spray gun is already available.

  • The electrostatic air spray gun comes in two versions, with direct or external charging.

  • The EcoGun AS MAN DC/EC’s ergonomic handle and low weight make for comfortable work, even for extended periods.