Dürr's modular final assembly FAStplant®

FAStplant® – Montage final modulaire

Dürr incarne le succès mondial et le leadership technologique dans le domaine du montage final.

FAStplant® est un «système modulaire» pour le montage final. L'utilisation des différents composants permet la mise en place d'une ligne de production flexible. Les modules ne nécessitent ni suspensions aériennes, ni fondations et sont donc indépendants de l'infrastructure existante. FAStplant® est idéal pour les lignes pilotes ou les installations de type SKD (semi-knocked down) et CKD (completely-knocked down).

FAStplant® modules

  • Electric Monorail Systems with self-supporting modular structural steelwork for work zones and return section, as well as curves and track switches
  • Skillet Platform Systems with and without integrated lifting table with platform height of < 300 mm
  • Modular man-rider conveyors
  • Utility Structural Steelwork for module pre-assembly

FAStplant® benefits

  • Flexible plant line extension, shortening or relocation
  • Easy adaptation to new vehicle models or variants
  • 30% shorter installation time thanks to pre-tested and pre-assembled modules
  • Line setup free of building constraints
  • Less effort in terms of planning and engineering