MEGTEC Turbosonic Inc.

Air Pollution Control Systems and Aftermarket Services

MEGTEC TurboSonic Inc., headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, is an operating business unit of Dürr MEGTEC. Dürr MEGTEC has been a member of the Dürr-Group’s environmental technology division, Clean Technology Systems, since October 2018. The merging of MEGTEC's activities with the environmental activities of the Dürr-Group has created a leading global supplier of industrial

exhaust air purification systems.

Our key technologies include: wet electrostatic precipitators, wet scrubbers for particulate and acid gas control, spray dryer absorbers, NOx control solutions, and evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems.



Egbert van Everdingen
Vice President and Managing Director
MEGTEC TurboSonic Inc.
550 Parkside Drive, #A-14
N2L 5V4 Waterloo


As an international plant manufacturer, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  In order to guarantee this, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our customers at all times. With experts from process engineering, electrical engineering/software, and R&D, Dürr offers future-proof service solutions.


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