Maintenance & Calibration – Service from the expert

For your particular maintenance and calibration request, Dürr offers the right service package for each use case und at absolutely competitive prices. The reliability of the components used in our filling stations is the base for quality-oriented testing and filling of your vehicles. A cyclic maintenance and calibration is essential to assure this reliability.

Calibration Service – Filling quality has highest priority

The filling quality has the highest priority for us. For all quality tests and filling of vehicles
reliable sensors at the filling equipment are mandatory. All sensors are subject to a natural
long time drift. A cyclic calibration is very important to compensate this effect. In a long term
service plan we can schedule individual calibration periods for every sensor.

  • Compliance of quality requirements of the automotive industry, e.g. annual audit
  • Prevention of needless rework
  • Adjustment of calibration periods
  • Performance test incl. handover of calibration protocols for each sensor

Filling Adapter Service – The central element

The condition of the filling adapter has a high effect on the quality of the systems to be filled. The high costs for a replacement require the maximum activities of preventive maintenance.

  • Doubling of life time of filling adapters
  • Use of special tools and skills, as well as of the know-how of our Dürr experts
  • Individual maintenance plans
  • Function test for all adapters incl. spare adapter

Wear Part Service – Perfect functionality

Your filling equipment always in best condition. We support you with the annual exchange of all equipment wear parts. An expert will not only renew the wear parts but also check the perfect functionality of your filling equipment.