Dürr builds paint shop for Audi in Györ

Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, June 10, 2011 – Dürr is building a paint shop in Hungary for Audi AG. The plant at the Györ location offers the highest quality at low operating and energy costs. The volume of Dürr's share amounts to almost € 60 million.

The well-proven RoDip M rotational dip coating is used in pre-treatment and electro dipping. The rotational movement of the car bodies thus allows inclined sections at the entrance and exit of the dip tank to be eliminated. The consequence of this, in addition to space savings, is a reduced consumption of energy and chemicals due to smaller bath volumes.

The spray booths in the primer and topcoat areas are equipped with the innovative EcoDryScrubber spray booth system for dry separation of wet paint overspray. This system, which requires no water and chemicals, saves 60% energy through air recirculation, and the paint booth's cross-section is reduced by 35%. In 40 painting lines on four continents, this technology is already being installed or work on them has already begun.

Interior and exterior painting with primer and topcoat is fully automated with robots. The seven painting stations are equipped with 31 type EcoRP L133 painting robots from Dürr and 21 type EcoRP L033 or EcoRP L030 handling robots. Paint application at the painting stations is performed using the latest electrostatic atomizer generation from Dürr – the EcoBell3. Before applying the primer and basecoat the car bodies are cleaned in two cleaning stations by six EcoRS60 robots with sword brushes.

Dürr's scope of delivery in this contract, issued by Audi in the first quarter of 2010, also includes the process control system as well as the internal conveyor technology complete with the associated electronics. In addition, Dürr is responsible for overall coordination of the project.

Starting in 2013, Audi will paint up to 125,000 vehicles per year in this plant.